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Waiting for the platform number at Paddington station

It’s come to this. iTunes humor…


It’s come to this. iTunes humor…


Cooling tower of the experimental THTR-300 thorium reactor, Germany (via)


Cooling tower of the experimental THTR-300 thorium reactor, Germany (via)

Android fragmentation really isn’t about screen-size, it’s about API access. Ice Cream Sandwich might have lovely APIs but you can’t use them if like 3% of devices run it.


iOS and Mac developer David Smith on the latest iOS 5.1 upgrade numbers based on the data from his popular Audiobooks app:

It took iOS just 15 days to get the same percentage of users on the latest OS version as are currently on any single version of Android.

It took just over two weeks to get 61% of users on iOS 5.1. This is the same distribution percentage as the most widely-used Android version, 2.3, Gingerbread — which is a year and a half old. Two major Android versions have been released since then, but combine for under 5% of total usage still. 

And if you narrow it down to only include those who can get iOS OTA updates (iOS 5 users), the adoption rate of iOS 5.1 in two weeks is almost 80%.

[thanks Spencer]

This shit just got serious.

"Inspired’s" legal team is pretty fierce.


After creating Pundit-Matic™ 3000 last night, inspired by The Macalope, I have received some sort of legal bollocks from “Inspired” By Apple. After seeking legal advice from some guy down the Barras (who says he’s a solicitor but he also sells sports socks, so you know he’s legit), I am…


We noted today, via The Macalope, that a Mr Evilneuro has created a website that generates amusing faux-punditry on Apple products. It’s very clever. And very funny. And sounds like something we’ve done.

This will not do.


”“Inspired” by Apple has…



I don’t have much nice to say about these murky things. (Maybe they look good on a retina display?)

Apple’s new map tiles. Perfectly in keeping with your 70’s leather desk calendar app I guess. 

Cartography has undergone a genuine revolution over the last decade; we’re at the stage where the barrier to creating your own map tiles is very low indeed and where talented people are producing some really stunning tile sets - subtle, bright, clear and thoughtfully designed. Usually in designing a map you make a trade off at some level between legibility and data density (masters of the craft can push back successfully against that trade off but it’ll still be there at some point). These Apple tiles are a big step back from using the default Google set both in terms of legibility and data density and at a basic level they just look ugly.

I can’t really find much to disagree with in this assessment of the tiles. There’s a definite sense of Apple’s software going with skeuomorphs, and the strange details here (like the wavy lines to denote oceans) seem part of a determination to try and shield users from the fact they’re using technology.

As a friend said over dinner yesterday, it’s come to something when you look to Microsoft for clean interfaces, but that’s what the new Windows phone and Metro UIs seem to be providing. Why Apple seems so keen to shy away from this remains a mystery to me.


I figured that what we probably needed for Wednesday is a scorecard for Apple Keynote Bingo. We hope you like it. We’d like to show it to you. So here it is.

Don’t forget to read the rules. And - why not - a hashtag, #AppleKeynoteBingo.

Thanks, as before, to David Moss